Winter Town - Drawing Tutorial

In this fun tutorial you will learn how to create a Winter Town card.

1. For this exercise you will need: two sheets of paper, graphite pencil, watercolour, brushes, scissors, white gouache or acrylic, paper knife, glue.

2. Moisten the surface of a paper sheet.

3. Paint the background of the night sky in watercolour.

4. Using a brush, splash watercolour over the night sky background to make an interesting texture. Let your painting dry.

5. Fold the sheet of paper in two, and cut a window as shown in the picture below.

6. Cut a silhouette of a town from another sheet of paper and glue it to the night sky background.

7. Paint white snowflakes of various shapes and sizes using white gouache.

8. Draw windows in houses using graphite pencil.

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