White Raven: The Sword of Northern Ancestors

The events of the book unfold in two time points, which are very distant from each other. Ancient Areya, that stretched out on the north of the continent in an interval between boulder-periods, and our modern times were tied by nothing except geography. By nothing; until "a man from nowhere" – a nephew of the Great Duke of Areya, Vraigo, the "White Raven" appears in a present day city.

It is necessary to say that the prince should not be appearing anywhere. On the contrary, it was vitally important for him to stay home, because his homeland was going through hard times that only he could help with. The whole point is that in the time Areya existed, the Earth was surrounded by one more mantel – in addition to the ones we know – the magic veil, which was extremely important for all the creatures that inhabited the planet. And, of course, there were people who knew how to use its energy – the endowed, both pure and bad maguses and the magical creatures and evil critters, living side by side with them. They all had tried to keep up neutrality; until a very strong bad magus decided to unravel the secret of immortality to become a koschei and to achieve absolute power over the universe. In order to do this, he only needed to get rid of other magi, or better yet, of all mankind.

The main weapon of the people in the struggle against this evil was the sword Urart, which was secretly stolen by the koschei. To return the sword and to save the country, Prince Vraigo ran in pursuit of the thieves. But the corridors of time took the prince too far – to the world that nearly knocked him off his feet; to our modern times, to a big City, which was not so easy to get used to, even if you had a very strong endowment...

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