Wanderer: In Action Outside the Universe

Wanderers are space travelers who spend all their time searching for curiosities from various planets. They find these collectible curiosities and sell them to the galleries, which are a favorite amusement of citizens of the visible universe. Their restlessness prevents wanderers from sitting peacefully in the cozy houses under the protection of the power of the civilized worlds. Riding their faithful hyper-planes, they jump around the universe, often allowing the plane to choose the direction, because you never know where exactly your best find awaits you. True, sometimes, instead of great finds, the next planet may find a hungry stone-eating Lamantin, lying in wait for you, able to gobble you and your hyper-plane without batting an eyelid.

But you are the wanderer! You should always have Know-it-all – a tiny device with limitless memory, storing all information about the visible universe. Know-it-all warns about dangers, and will advise you on a way out. It can provide any knowledge accumulated by all developed civilizations. And, in the case when brains are not enough, strength and agility will help the wanderer. Everyone who wants to remain alive in space goes through courses on survival. And El Stone, a diligent and well-mannered earthling, has no idea how these skills would prove useful to him.

But it all began quite predictably. El Stone, the wanderer, got into his supercool hyper-plane, set the navigator to automatic mode and... dived into the unknown. To El's great astonishment, his inscrutable cosmic path ended on a strange planet that was unfamiliar to the visible universe...

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