Valentine Card - Drawing Tutorial

From today's tutorial you will learn how to create an interesting and original Valentine card.

1. For this exercise you will need: sheets of white, red and pale yellow paper, a couple of sheets from an old newspaper or a magazine, graphite pencil, black marker, red pencil, scissors, glue, ruler.

2. Draw and cut a silhouette of a dinosaur from a sheet of white paper.

3. Put the template of the dinosaur to the magazine's sheet and outline it using graphite pencil as shown in the picture below. Do the same on the other sheet, mirroring the dinosaur's template.

4. Cut both dinosaurs from the magazine's sheets.

5. Draw an envelope on a sheet of white paper, then cut, fold and glue it.

6. Cut several hearts of various sizes from a sheet of red paper.

7. Fold a sheet of yellow paper in two, and glue the white envelope with the red hearts flying out of it on the one side of the sheet as shown in the picture below.

8. Glue the big heart and the dinosaurs in the center of the unfolded sheet of yellow paper as shown in the picture below.

9. Outline the dinosaurs using black marker, and fill the space around them with words using red pencil as shown in the picture below.

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