Northern Diary - Coloring Book

About the book:

The best master of the Underground City has been working on something for a long time. He invented machines and clever robots, read old books and drew charts, so that to present his discovery to his nephews one day. He discovered that there is a huge icebound world above the Underground City, and a lot of interesting creatures live there for sure. So, if no one is against this idea, then they can go on a journey. The nephews bombarded him with questions, and only Pirate, the cat, remained unflappable. Of course, the journey simply could not take place without him. On the special ship, which could move on snow, ice and water, the company went to explore the lands of the outside world, and all the most interesting impressions the travelers wrote into the diary.

So, the book consists of travel notes and drawings of the travelers who discovered the seas, amazing animals and found new friends. The atmosphere of steampunk and interesting adventure will accompany everyone who will color in the pages of the "Northern Diary"!

This is a grayscale coloring book. The book has color front cover and 11 pages featuring fantasy illustrations. Book size is 11,7 x 8,3 inches (29,7 x 21 cm). Physical version of the book is printed single-sided on high quality thick and smooth paper 280 gsm (189 lbs). Paper was tested with pencils, markers and watercolor. Spiral binding on left side. Transparent protective sheet over the front cover. Thick and firm board on the back of the book, so you can take the book with you to color in the pages anywhere you want.

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  • Includes:
    • Digital Version of the "Northern Diary" coloring book

    Digital version of the book is available to download immediately after purchase. You will be able to print out all the pages at home on your own printer or at your local print shop.

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  • Includes:
    • One copy of printed (physical) version of the "Northern Diary" coloring book
    • Digital version of the "Northern Diary" coloring book

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This beautiful coloring page from the book is available for free this moment. Just click on the green button below the picture to download the page. Would love to see your wonderful colorings!

Download this beautiful page for free ~ $0.00

Thank you so very much to everyone who purchases this new "Northern Diary" coloring book! Your support allows us to continue working on new beautiful coloring books and to release more free coloring pages for the amazing coloring community. Warm thanks again!

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