Four Magics - Illustrated Playing Cards

About these playing cards:

The great rivalry between humans, elves, orcs and gnomes lasts forever. Who will win this time? Magic or physical strength, ancient knowledge or skill in making weapons? You will find out this by playing with these fantasy cards .

Deuces, threes, fours and fives have plants and insects, from thistle to apple, from a frightening spider to a hardworking bee. Sixes, sevens, eights, nines and dozens have birds and animals which are able to come to the aid of humans, gnomes, elves and orcs. The falcon will aim to defeat the vulture, the boar will try to overtake the bull, and the snow leopard will try to elude the grizzly. Jacks are young magicians and warlords. Queens have all the beauty of their fantasy races. Kings are rulers and leaders. The dragons retain wisdom of their fantasy races.

The set has 54 playing cards illustrated in fantasy style. Card size is 2,5 x 3,5 inches (63 x 88 mm). Cards are printed on high quality thick and smooth paper 300 gsm.

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  • Includes:
    • One set of the "Four Magics" illustrated playing cards

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