Dragon - Drawing Tutorial

Today you will learn how to create an image of a charming dragon with the help of watercolour, coloured pencils and a piece of cellophane.

1. For this exercise you will need: sheets of paper, graphite pencil, coloured pencils, scissors, masking tape, watercolour, brushes, cellophane.

2. Fasten a sheet of paper using masking tape as shown in the picture below.

3. Draw an outline of an eye on the masking tape similar to the example below.

4. Cut and fasten the outline of the eye to the sheet of paper as shown in the picture below.

5. Moisten the surface of the paper with water.

6. Paint and splash with watercolour over the moist sheet of paper.

7. While the paper is still moist, put the cellophane on it and create wrinkles on the surface. Leave the work in this state for about an hour.

8. Remove the cellophane and leave the work until the paper dries out. After that remove all the masking tapes..

9. Draw the dragon's eye with coloured pencils.

10. Finish the work using your imagination and coloured pencils.

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