Butterfly - Drawing Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a beautiful butterfly.

1. For this exercise you will need: sheet of paper, graphite pencil, watercolour, brush, scissors, paper template of a butterfly's wing.

2. Fold the sheet of paper in two as shown in the picture below.

3. Put the template of a butterfly's wing to the fold line and outline the wing using graphite pencil as shown in the picture below.

4. Moisten the surface of the wing with water and wait until the water is absorbed.

5. Apply watercolour paint to the surface of the butterfly's wing starting with light colours.

6. Fold the sheet of paper in two again.

7. Do some pressing with your palm starting from the fold to the outer edges of the sheet.

8. Unfold the sheet of paper.

9. You will see symmetrical image of a butterfly.

10. Paint the butterfly's antennae in watercolour using brush.

11. Cut the butterfly image from the sheet of paper using scissors.

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